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History of Raymond and Nutfield. History of the canals and associated activities.

Nutfield, the 80th birthday narrowboat


In the April 2016 edition of Towpath Talk, Tim Coghlan of Braunston Marina writes about the fascinating history of the Grand Union Canal Company and its canal carrying subsidiary the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company (GUCCC) and the part that Nutfield played in the last 80 years.

The full story can be found here on Page 61


Source: Towpath Talk Issue 126 April 2016

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Mixed trading results this year

Here, from our Secretary Robin Bishop, is a summary of income from sales and donations at this year’s events so far:

The Blisworth Canal Festival was a well organised and well advertised local village event supported by everyone in the village. This was the 4th year this event has been held. Add to the ingredients good weather and good attendance by the public and you get a very successful event. Our takings were £318.85 for sales and £72.07 for donations making a total of £390.92.  This is a new world record beating last years previous record total of £318.08.

As some of you know I sometimes bring along some of my IWA Middlesex Branch sales items to help to swell our takings at our events. There was another world  record here at this event as a total of 18 of my tea towels were sold at Blisworth.

Here is a precis of two previous events:

Cosgrove Lock Ransom:    £79.95 for sales and £26.08 for donations making a total of £106.03.

Linslade Canal Festival:   £133.90 for sales and £39.24 for donations making a total of £173.14.

These are the lowest figures for 4 years for each of these events. The Cosgrove event was poorly attended this year. This could be due to the very hot weather we had where people probably stayed at home or went to the seaside to cool off.

The Linslade amount seemed very good at the time for a one day event but is low when compared with £254.05 taken in 2012.

Many thanks indeed to all those who did crewing, manned the sales stand or did the showrounds at these events. Thanks also to all who bought items from our stall or made donations.

Robin Bishop


The Boatmen – video with song

A great compilation of stills cut to a song. Unfortunately the YouTube posting doesn’t say who is singing!

Click here to view on YouTube

Kealrey & Tonge jam factory – research

From Mike Freeman:

Barbara Ripley is compiling a history of “Kierley & Tonge”, the jam manufactures to
whom deliveries of coal became known as the “Jam’Ole Run”.

When she & Tim were on the boat, which had the company name sign-written on its cabin-side, they often got people who knocked & told them that they had worked there.

She would love to hear from anyone who had anything themselves (or their families) to do with K&T.

A special email address has been created for people to contact her on.