Friends Packages

The Friends year runs from 6th April. If you join after 1st January you will enjoy up to three months’ free in your first year. There is no reduction for part-year support.

How can you become a Friend?

Sole Friend
£10.00 (1 Year – April to March)
Open to all Individuals who have an interest in our historic boats

Joint Friends
£15.00 (1 Year – April to March)
Ideal for two Sole Members sharing the same address

Family Friends
£20.00 (1 Year – April to March)
A Sole or Joint Membership with Children (17 and under) sharing the same address

Select your preferred Friend Package:

Would you like to make an additional donation?
Additional donations help to carry out essential maintenance work and cover our operating costs.


Sole or Primary Friend Details




Address 1*

Address 2

Address 3



Tel Landline

Tel Mobile


Joint Friend Details
Only required if applying for Joint Friend




Tel Landline

Tel Mobile


Family Friend Details (Age 17 Years or under)
Only required if applying for Family Friend

Child Name

Child Name

Child Name

Child Name

Gift Aid Declaration

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your contributions to us can increase by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme – at no additional cost to you! (For more information please see Gift Aid Key Facts below)

Please select one of the following statements:

Yes : I want to Gift Aid all membership subscriptions I pay or other donations I make to The Friends of Raymond in the future or have made in the past 4 years. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on my donations in any tax year I may have to pay the difference.

I confirm that the funds I am donating are my own and that I am not donating them on behalf of anyone else. Please note that Gift Aid can only be claimed under your own taxpayer status when spending your own money.

This donation is not being made as part of a raffle, in exchange for a ticket, or on behalf of a company or business. This is because Gift Aid can’t be claimed on a donation made in return for something.

No : I do not wish to complete a Gift Aid declaration.


Today's Date (dd/mm/yyyy)* (dd/mm/yyyy):

If you are applying as a Joint Friend, please enter the name of the person that Gift Aid applies to.

Keeping in touch…

I understand that this personal data will be held on computer and that it will be used solely by the Trustees and Officers of The Friends of Raymond and will not be divulged to any other person or organisation. As a Friend I give my permission for The Friends of Raymond to contact me by electronic means and I acknowledge that I have the ability to remove this permission by writing to the Membership Officer at any time.

I Agree I Disagree

How to Pay

By paying with Bank Transfer you are helping to keep our costs down. Please send payments to Sort Code: 20-73-48 Account No: 20227080 using the reference: Friend

Your Friend package will be confirmed when we receive notification of payment.

Thank you!

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