2022 Events

If all goes well, you’ll be able to visit Raymond and Nutfield at the following events:

There may be additions to this  list, so watch this space!

We’re seeking members of The Friends of Raymond who are willing to volunteers to assist with variety of roles at these events. If you can help, please contact the Chairman Clare Hewitt.


During visits to events, Raymond is open for inspection and you are be able to explore the cabin. Some events also include a boat procession when Nutfield tows Raymond.

We have a stand where we sell a range of souvenirs including the now famous “Kearley and Tonge Plum & Apple Jam” (see the History section!).

Of course, you may well catch sight of Nutfield and Raymond as they travel from event to event. The boats always travel fully “dressed” to give a good impression of how they would have looked when they were working boats.