Cosgrove and Linslade events

A message from our Secretary, Robin Bishop:

We have recently attended the above two events with our boats and the results of our efforts are as follows.

  • At Cosgrove the weather was wet first thing on Saturday and seriously affected our sales. There was also very few people about. On Sunday it was dry but there were not the usual numbers of people attending so this affected our sales also. We took £69.40 with £45.80 for sales and £23.60 for donations. According to my records this is our worst year at this event since 2007.
  • At Linslade we took a total of £254.70 with £196.50 for sales and £48.20 for donations. We also signed up one new member.

 All things considered though it was worth us putting in our efforts to attend these two events. Big thanks to everyone who comtributed in any way.