Progress report on boat maintenance

(I’m posting this to give people an idea of work currently being undertaken on Nutfield and Raymond – Webmaster)

From Nick Scarcliffe

An update on the work just done by Pete Boyce:


  • Make and fit handrail across cabin back end
  • Make new fore-end top plank
  • Make back-end top plank
  • Supply ratchet throttle lever

Just want peoples’ thoughts after talking to several boaters at weekend. One came up with a good idea for the ratchet throttle: we simply use the rods from the speed wheel to make the links instead of using cable and pulley. Personally I think this will be better and cheaper to do and means will not  have to move the toilet and possibly the batteries  to accommodate pulleys and cables, and you will still get instant throttle response.


  • Make and fit new deck board, false cratch, small beam and mast beam
  • Replace three boards in cabin back wall
  • Fit ash strips to hatches gun’ls
  • The extra jobs were to replace false cratch which was completely beyond repair, and the cabin wall.

If any body can get hold of any blue barrels or old water butts need them asap as there is a lot off water under the cabin and need to bring the front end down more.