Record sales at events in 2012!

From Robin Bishop (Friends Secretary), 2nd October 2012:

In the year of the Olympics and new world records being broken we have broken two of our own. The takings at the Stoke Bruerne Village At War event and the total for the year for all the events.

We did not go to Northampton or Boxmoor in May/June which were both cancelled for different reasons. However, we did one new show by attending the Alvecote Historic Boat Show at the end of August. This was a small event as events go but we still took £224.70 including £22.15 donations. This event was classed by some of those attending as a “mini Braunston”.

The previous highest amount at the Village At War, which we have attended now 5 times, was last year when our takings were £276.66. This has been smashed this year as we have just taken £410.52 including £126.62 donations.

The total takings for the year have reached a staggering £2,957.46 which is the highest amount I have noted since I have been keeping records in 2005.

Many thanks to you all for your attendance, crewing and manning the sales stand this past weekend and indeed for all the year at the different events. We should be really proud of ourselves I think for what we have achieved.

(Also, of course, a big thanks to everyone who visitied us, bought from the stall or made donations. Your contributions make a huge difference to what we can achieve. Web Editor)