Revenue from the last few events

This from Robin Bishop, Friend of Raymond Secretary:

We have recently attended our final events for this year. The income for these is as follows.

Alvecote was a total of £226.33 with £212.70 for Sales and £13.63 for Donations. Although this is an increase of £1.63 over last years amount of £224.70 last year we only attended for 2 days whereas this year we were there for all 3 days so it is in fact a downward trend.

Stoke Bruerne was a Total of £207.11 with £154.40 for Sales and £52.71 for Donations.

FOR has gained some free publicity in the Waterways World magazine October 2013 edition which I saw in a shop today. There is an article in it about the Alvecote event. Both our boats are mentioned as attending this event and Nutfield is also mentioned along with Sickle for their help in towing Python, which was sinking, to safety in a nearby dry dock.

Many thanks to all who helped, bought or donated.